Risk Lighthouse Services

For Private Sector

Banks, Insurers, Reinsurers, Asset Managers

RLH, as a global fintech research company, uses its proprietary award-wining database to develop state-of-the-art analytics and software models for banks, insurers, reinsurers and asset managers.

RLH leverages its research capabilities to offer data and financial modeling services to corporate clients and financial institutions.

RLH offers ERM rating services for an organization’s cybersecurity risk management, effectively utilizing RLH’s proprietary database and formula for evaluating the firm’s cyber risks posture.

For Public Sector

Governments, Regulators and Universities

RLH develops and maintains various proprietary databases. For example, RLH developed a database of Regulatory Filings of U.S. Property-Casualty Insurance Companies (the largest of its kind). RLH utilizes this database to develop various underwriting risk metrics, such as pricing deficiency risk and reserve volatilities, for our institutional clients.

RLH takes an active approach to research collaboration with governments and elite universities around the world. For example, RLH is jointly engaged with a Singapore university in advising Southeast Asian governments. RLH leverages on its premier research capabilities to design optimal financing solutions for managing sovereign risks in the face of climate change.

RLH supports knowledge transfer via applied research projects for key stakeholders. RLH invests heavily in the expertise and professional development of these individuals. For example, Mr. Han Chen, FSA and Senior Vice-President of Guy Carpenter has given a stellar testimony of his experience during his tenure with RLH.