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The world is increasingly driven by technology and interconnected via the internet, social networks, and globalization. Complexity and uncertainty result in heightened risk factors. Let us be the light for you through these storms.

Feb 18-20, the RLH team participated in ASEAN 2020 and presented our work on managing climate risk and disaster emergency fund.
highlights that “Security progress requires cross-disciplinary collaboration”.
The workshop is co-organized by the Israel National Cyber Directorate, the Hewlett Foundation, The Federmann Cyber Security Center at the Hebrew University, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Commissioned by the Society of Actuaries, and presented at the October 29th 2019 Annual Meeting of the Society of Actuaries, Toronto, Canada.
RLH Founder, Dr. Shaun Wang joins SUSTech in Shenzhen, as Chair of the Department of Finance.

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